.AL Domain Reseller Programme

.AL Domain Reseller Programme

.al resellerOur Reseller Programme allows established ventures to integrate Albanian domain registration services seamlessly into their existing websites and services.


The programme is for those looking for the best prices and a great opportunity to grow with the growth of .al domains. Host.al has a range of solutions including a Web-based Reseller Interface and an API/template system to make it a snap for you to get started. If you have more than 20 registered domains, or are planning to register more than 20, then please let us know through the support channel.



To make it easy for you to start your .al registration venture, we offer the following:


* Free Participation in the programme! No Setup Fees! You pay only for what you register!
* Robust API to fully-integrate into an automated system
* Complete control over your own website. Ready to go modules for WHMCS and BoxBilling!

Assuming most of the the domain registrars have a WHMCS, we are already supporting integration with WHMCS and working on a solution for BoxBilling. Let us know if you are using any of the two and we will provide you with the full .al reseller module. If you use another domain-registration software, in a matter of minutes, you can easily integrate a private-labelled real-time domain name registration services right into your own Web site!


API Introduction

The Domains Reseller API allows you to interact with our system programmatically from your own application.
Using the API you are able to perform actions such as:

* Register Domain
* Transfer Domain
* Renew Domain
* Modify Contact Details
* Get/Modify Nameservers



API Documentation


If you are looking for more documentation on the API integration, we have prepared a set of articles in our Knowledgebase section.
The following articles might give you a good overview of the API:

* .AL Domain Reselling Options
* .AL Domain Registration API Calls
* Example Code (PHP)

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