Abous Us

Abous Us

Parent Company
Host.al is a spin off of ShqiperiaCom Shpk, a company focused on Internet Services. The company has a succesful history of almost 18 years providing services to local and internacional clients. The company is registered in Tirana's Taxation office. At the moment, ShqiperiaCom leverages ground-breaking technologies like Web Services in developing business-specific software, that enable companies to immediately drive efficiency throughout business operations and build competitive advantage.

Over the past few years, ShqiperiaCom technologies and solutions were selected and implemented in several governmental and commercial projects.

Hosting and domaining have been integral activities of the company. Before the name Host.al, the company has operated under the domains DRIARM (2001-2004) and then ShqiperiaHost.com (2004-2009). With almost 15 years of experience, we have consolidated an experience staff and a stable economic growth.

Registrar and domain services
Host.al is registered as the portal for the registrar services of .al domains. Host.al is the Number 1 registrar portal. Host.al at the moment has about 40% market share of .al domain registrations and is the preferred registrar for the biggest domain brands in the internet.

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